Our Philosophy

Communities in the western world have long since developed the knowledge, skills and means to sustain themselves. However, those in developing countries are far less fortunate and it is our belief that as human beings, we all have a responsibility to help those in need. In developing countries, immediate survival needs… [more]

Our Philosophy

Our Mission

Our mission is to support the establishment of a peaceful and friendly atmosphere amongst all people. By working collaboratively with volunteers and other organizations, we are able to provide vital information and other services to those who need assistance. In Germany, we organize cultural events and act as a support network for those feeling isolated… [more]

Our Mission


Developing countries generally lack societal organizations whose purpose it is to encourage the empowerment and protection of their people. Morocco is no different, so DML Morocco focuses its efforts on the empowerment of societal organizations, especially where women’s rights are concerned… [more]


Our Funding

The work of DML is financed by the state, a number of organizations, membership fees and donations. The organization is registered with the city of Berlin, registration number VR 22897. DML is a non-profit organization. DML is grateful for all donations. Donations to our organization are tax deductible…. [more]

Our Funding


We urgently need skilled professionals (from many disciplines) who are passionate about tackling human development to undertake our volunteer programs. Instead of sending food or money to developing countries, we send people from a wide range of professions who want the chance to make a real…[more]


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The German & Moroccan League Organizes Annual Volunteer Language Camps in Morocco In collaboration with our international divisions, in the summer months we hold a language course for disadvantaged teenagers who could not afford to enroll in an expensive course at a language academy. Dedicated students and other volunteers give English, German or French classes free of charge in high schools. Along with improving language skills, our association wishes to help to dismantle prejudice and build international understanding. You can find detailed information about the camp

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We also organize an annual Arabic course for learners at different language levels. You can find detailed information about the course

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Registration for the Arabic Camp in Morocco [Pdf]
Registration for the Language Camp in Morocco[pdf]
Marokko-Insider-Tipps [pdf]

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Development Work in Morocco

DML cooperates with local organizations in Morocco to order to help disadvantaged communities and to work towards continuous development. This involvement includes the management of all running projects in cooperation with global partners. The main objectives of these projects are the promotion of democratic changes, responsible governance and continuous development.

We will help to supervise and realize these projects and suggest skilled volunteers from various fields. We offer our practical experience to supervise the projects of regional organizations. Thus we are looking for volunteers from different backgrounds and expertise. If you would like to participate please do not hesitate to contact us and we will provide you with further information.

Fields of Activity: Empowerment of Civil Society

Developmental Cooperation with Morocco

The objective of DML’s commitment in Morocco is the methodical empowerment of civil society’s organizations for disadvantaged groups. The improvement of their organizational capabilities and expertise will enforce their abilities to act. Furthermore, they will be able to solve problems on their own and to reach and represent their target groups more efficiently. The main focus is on organizations that work for the promotion of democracy and empowerment of women.

Our office in Casablanca, Morocco offers support in:


  • Program development and project management
  • Organization development
  • Support for networking and fundraising
  • Planning, monitoring and evaluation of promoted measurements

Development and improvement of services

Language Exchange

Arabic or German with a twist: your chance to take part in a language exchange.

Learning a new language; especially a difficult one like Arabic is always a challenge. Eschewing tedious vocabulary drills in favour of effort and enjoyment, DML Inc. offers the chance to join its language partnership.

The idea is both simple and good-value. Two language learners meet up and teach each other their chosen language ; German or Arabic. The important thing about this is that only a native speaker teaches the respective language, so that even minor errors can be corrected. For this system to work it is important that both language partners have already acquired a basic knowledge of the other language, and have the ability to hold a conversation.

If you are interested in Arabic, you should opt for either Classical Arabic or one of the dialects, i.e. Arabic as it is spoken in Morocco, Tunisia, Lebanon, Egypt, etc. The dialects spoken in Arabic countries are vastly different from one another. A Moroccan dialect may be understood in Tunisia, but in Lebanon and Egypt it is incomprehensible. It is true that a few words are the same in all Arabic-speaking countries, but who wants to be limited to talking about chubs (bread) and burtugual (orange juice)? To make sure that your Arabic will be understood in several countries, Classical Arabic is also offered. For German, only Hochdeutsch (High German) should be taught; Bavarians, Berliners and Hessians should hold back with the regional words.

You are free to choose how often you meet and how you structure your lessons. If it is fun and encourages you to persevere, then it’s a success.

If this interests you, send an email to: tandem@dml-berlin.de” and tell us what you would like from the language exchange. We will then try to find a language partner for you as soon as possible.


The DML newsletter is sent out occasionally with details of current issues, publications, work camps, seminars, study trips, long-term volunteering positions and other interesting news about development cooperation.

All email addresses are treated with confidentiality and are never passed on to third parties.

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Get Involved

Based in Germany, our organization is multi-cultural and comprises of individuals united by a strong belief in social responsibility. As such, they have made a commitment to get involved and make a difference. Others get involved by sponsoring activities or donating towards development cooperation work. Interested? Read on…

We are presently seeking youths and experts to assist with various development projects in Morocco and Tunisia. Youth volunteers will not only have the opportunity to develop their intercultural capacity while in living in a foreign country but they will also learn tools and methods in Project Cycle Management (PCM)

For more information, please email:info@dml-berlin.de